The Bradbury Building in LA

Los Angeles has a number of hidden treasures and the Bradbury Building on South Broadway is one of them. Listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and designated as a National Historic Landmark, this building is a must stop during a visit to the LA area. From the outside it may not look like much but the treasure of this building is immediately visible when you walk through the doors.

Bradbury Building Sign
Building Sign for the Bradbury

After passing through the narrow entrance lobby, you find yourself in in the central court of this five story building capped by an amazing skylight that floods the building with natural light. The building is building features ornamental cast iron, tiling, Italian marble and Mexican tile. Multiple bird-cage style elevators surrounded by wrought-iron grill work run from the lobby all the way up to the fifth floor. At over 100 years old these unique elevators remain functional to this very day. One of the most amazing features of the building are the geometric patterned staircases made of wrought-iron and oak! The wrought-iron used in the construction of the Bradbury Building was made in France and before being installed was displayed at the Chicago Worlds Fair, for all to enjoy. The layout of the building and the view from the lower level court will leave you breathless and likely remind you of something from an MC Esher Sketch.

As you enjoy the building you may find yourself feeling like you have seen the interior before, and it is most likely because you have. The building is one of the most filmed buildings in LA. It has been used in Blade Runner, The Jury, Lethal Weapon 4, Pay It Forward, The Artist, The Outer Limits, Quantum Leap, CSI – New York, and more.

If you find yourself in downtown LA, its easy to walk by this building and not even know you missed something significant, but the interior of this building is one to experience, even if you only stop in for a minute! For more information check out the Los Angeles Conservancy website by clicking here.

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