Gmail Auto-Filtering Forwarded Emails

Google is one of the leading domains for free email accounts, and while they provide a great free alternative to having a paid email account, you may not actually be getting all your email. Gmail likes to add filters to your email accounts as a means of removing spam from your email. One of these filters includes that any email auto-forwarded to your Gmail account is immediately considered to be not important to you and therefor it is filtered out of your inbox and placed in your “All Mail” folder without any notice to you!

This problem which Google claims to be a feature, plaques gmail users every day, and worst of all you likely don’t even know its happening to you. Luckily its not hard to fix. The first fix is understanding that your Gmail Inbox is not actually your inbox its simply emails that Google thinks you want to read. Your actually inbox is only accessible using the webmail version of Gmail and its called “All Mail”, its called “All Mail” because this is where ALL your mail actually goes, including the countless messages that google (not you) decides that you don’t actually want to read.

So how do you get forwarded email to arrive in your inbox?

Option 1 is the domain forwarding you email can do advertisement through Google Ads, the assumption here by google is that if a domain owner is willing to pay google money for advertisement that there emails must be important.

Option 2 is to create a special filter. To do this follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your gmail account through the google webmail system.
  2. Click the gear in the right corner, and select settings.
  3. Click the tab labeled “Filters & Blocked Addresses”.
  4. Click the link for Create a New Filter.
  5. In the field TO field enter the ending domain for the email set to forward to you such as “”. In the filed Never send it to Spam click the check box. Click create filter with this search.
  6. In the next window check off the box that says “Apply The Label”, and click new label. Name your label anything you want for example “Why Free Email Sucks”.
  7. Click “Create Filter”.
  8. Resume getting your forwarded email as expected.

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