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Chores are a Healthy Part of Childhood

Preparing your Children for Hard Times

It wasn't many years ago that youth were raised differently then they are today in the average home. Children were raised to be a functional part of the home, the didn’t have endless supplies of toys, and ate little to…

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The Magical Herb that is Thyme

Thyme is one of my all time favorite herbs, and if you can only grow one herb at home, this is the one to grow!

Making Herb Infused Oil A Home

A little heat is all you need to harness the essence of an herb and infuse it into the oil of your choice. Once your oil is made you will find an endless range of uses for your herb oils including cooking, medicinal, aromatic, and more.

Survival Rules of 3

Anyone who heads into the outdoors should, at minimum, know the survival rules of three’s. This set of rules provides essential information about your immediate needs and the priority that items should be addressed in a survival situations. This post includes a great infographic to help you learn the rules.

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