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Apple CarPlay First Impressions w/BMW 430i

I would hardly consider myself an "Apple Fanboy" but I'll be honest when Apple released CarPlay I was really excited and wanted it in my car. The first cars with CarPlay hit the market in 2015 and two years later…

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Disable “rootless” in Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan

With the release of Mac OS 10.11 right around the corner, those who are used to being able to make changes to the backend system may be surprised to find that El Capitan now runs “rootless”. Essentially meaning that by…

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Getting Around Disabled TV HDMI Ports in Hotel Rooms

For those who only travel every now and then, the fact that you can’t get the hotel room TV to switch to the different inputs such as HDMI Ports may not seem like a big deal. For business travelers who…

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The Hunt for The Perfect Laptop Bag(s)

If your anything like me then having the right laptop bag is extremely important. My last one I had for more than 10 years, and when it was finally time to replace it I had trouble finding one that was everything I needed. When I found the TravelPro series I knew I had struck gold!

Gmail Auto-Filtering Forwarded Emails

For the countless people with Gmail accounts you are likely not actually getting all your email. Especially ones forwarded from other domains. This post will provide you with the directions on how to resolve that problem.

Formatting a Hard Drive from the Mac OS X Command Line

Every wanted to format a hard drive from the command line in Mac OS? Here are simple directions to do just that.

Creating Mac OS El Capitan Boot Drives (10.11) for Clean Installs

With the introduction of a digital delivery systems for Apple software and operating systems a lot of people are finding themselves confused when comes how to do a clean install of the operating system on their machines. For clarification a…

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Creating an RSS Feed with an offset in WordPress

Mailchimp is a powerful platform for sending out html based email newsletters, and even includes the ability to create automated emails from your blog through the RSS feed, there is only one major flaw in the Mailchimp RSS based mailing…

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Reflection on Social Media

Across the different social media platforms I have more than 25,000 friends and followers, yet I am lonely. I speak to all of them everyday and yet none of them really know me.

Commands to Make Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10) Suck Less

Wouldn’t it be nice if your Mac OS 10.10 installation worked better. Check out these back end tricks to make your OS work better!

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