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Rosemary & Bacon Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of my all time favorite things to cook with. What better way to express the wonders of food than turning a fungus into something wonderful and tasty. These mushrooms are great as a stand alone side dish, or make the perfect topper for that steak and burgers that just came off the grill!

Fresh Pesto

Fresh Homemade Basil & Parsley Pesto

Buying pesto in the store is super expensive and yet its also super easy to make at home. If you grow basil and parsley in your garden not only is it easy but its also cheap!

Baked Peaches & Cream

Baked Peaches & Cream is an amazing southern classic desert. When peaches are in season this makes for an absolutely amazing dish!

Enjoying a Summer Day With Lemonade

Where Have All The Lemonade Stands Gone?

Where have all the lemonade stands gone? I remember hot summer days when I was a kid setting up lemonade stands on the side of the road to earn money. With the overly hot days it occurred to me the…

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Commands to Make Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10) Suck Less

Yosemite (Mac OS 10.10) may well be one of the best updates to the Mac Operating System in a long time and it has a huge number of backend changes that makes life a lot easier. While some of these…

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Blue Cheese Bacon Burger

Ultimate Blue Cheese Bacon Burger

This bacon blue cheese burger combines salty blue cheese, bacon, sweet caramelized onions, sauté’d Crimini Mushrooms, and Avocado.

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