What I have is a range of particular sets of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me useful to people just like you.

Times are changing — changing from a world where our possibilities were limited by physical barriers. What makes today different is the appearance on a horizon of the possibility — of a world free from these barriers. The advancement of technology has reached the threshold where it can break the shackles holding fast to an outdated mindset. A mindset where everything of value had an associated physical presence. In today’s world the world of the electron and the chip — there is a greater appreciation for the value of things that cannot be touched, of that which is made but exists only in a non-physical form. While it may be said that in order to create there must be a physical element, there is plenty to be made without the creation of a physical form.

Let me tell you what I make. I make that which is perceived as impossible a reality. I make the lost found and the visible disappear. I make frustration a tool, not an obstacle. I make working hard seem easy, and the prospect of giving up unimaginable. I make learning a privilege and unconventional methods feel common.

Today is the day to think outside the boundaries of traditional restrictions. Today is the day you can surpass the barriers that stand between you and your goals. These possibilities are just some of the things I bring to the table, as we set off on our journey together.

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