Getting Around Disabled TV HDMI Ports in Hotel Rooms

For those who only travel every now and then, the fact that you can’t get the hotel room TV to switch to the different inputs such as HDMI Ports may not seem like a big deal. For business travelers who find themselves in hotel rooms constantly it is extremely annoying. Many of us use the TV as a second computer display and more commonly these days regular travelers carry devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick which allows us to bring our TV shows and similar media with mine. My Amazon Fire TV Stick is the only way I manage to keep up my TV shows when I am on the road. Until recently using devices like this was never a problem in hotels, but that is starting to change. More and More hotels have been adding control devices to TV’s in the rooms. While the primary purpose of these is to provide guests with extra features, they also disable all the other ports on the TV, luckily getting around this problem is easy.

Unlocking Your Hotel TV Ports

One of the most common devices used by hotels in the OnCommand Control System. If the TV in your room is an LG there is about a 99% chance this is the system they are using. Even if its not an OnCommand system almost all the systems work the same way. When you look at the back of the TV you will encounter one of two situations. Option 1 is you will see a box attached to the back of the TV (as shown in photo to right), or you will only see cables attached to the tv (in this case the box is stored elsewhere such as a media cabinet). Regardless of the situation you need to locate the RJP or MPI interface on the machine. I looks just like a phone jack and will have a cable plugged into it that looks just like a phone cable. Once you have located the cable in question simply unplug the cable and turn the TV off (if it was on) and then then back on.

This cable is what sends commands to the TV to disable certain functions. With the cable removed the TV should once again work normally. There is a downside to all of this, the TV remote in your remote is likely no longer going to work, so its back to the stone age when you actually had to get up and use the controls on the TV. The easy work around to this is next time you pack your travel bag, put an easy to use universal remote in your bag. Personally I like the Logitech Harmony Remote, and for those of us using an Amazon Fire TV Stick it includes a wonderful universal remote.

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