The Hunt for The Perfect Laptop Bag(s)

The hunt for the perfect replacement has been on going for more than a month, but with the new year fast approaching it was time to bite the bullet and make a decision. As I walked around the luggage section of my 10th store I discovered the TravelPro product line and quickly feel in love with it. The line provides the perfect blend of style, functionality and durability! The Executive Choice 2 Pilot Brief and Executive Choice 2 Wheeled Brief have found a spot in my heart and my trunk!

One of the biggest things for me in my search was finding something that could also function as an overnight bag. Anyone who travels a lot knows that checking bags for your flights adds a lot of time to you travels. So having a single bag you can bring on the plane to meet all my needs is easily one of the most important functions. The reality is my old bag didn’t do this well, and I came to accept that there wasn’t a bag that meet this need. So instead of a single bag, decided to go with two separate bags. One as a day to day bag and the second for when I was traveling for quick overnights. TravelPros Executive Choice 2 Pilot Brief and Wheeled Brief provided solutions that meet my needs!

The Executive Choice 2 product line from TravelPro includes some standard features across all the bags in the line and its clear who ever developed this line is a seasoned traveler!

External USB port

All the bags feature integrated USB ports on the exterior for quick access charging. Inside each bag has a dedicated and vented storage sleeve to hold your power block. An awesome feature that allows you to stop hunting for power outlets!

Built For Travel

With more than 25 years in the luggage industry TravelPro has made a name for itself as the best of the best. There high quality products have earned them the rating of Worlds Best Luggage by Premier Traveler Magazine multiple times. The search is over if your looking for the best of the best when it comes to your luggage needs.

RFID Blocking Pocket

I won’t even get on my tangent about the dangers of RFID and how easy they signals are to intercept or the contribution that RFID plays in identify theft, will save that for another post. The Executive Choice 2 line has you covered with a dedicated RFID shielded pocket in each bag.

TravelPro Executive Choice 2 - Pilot Brief

The Second I saw the TravelPro Executive Choice 2 – Pilot Brief I knew I had to have it. While the bag retails for a whooping $400 you can find it on for the low price of $175.94, which brings the price inline the majority of high end laptop bags on the market. The reality is even at the reality price what you are paying for is quality and attention to even the smallest detail. Look at it as an investment cause if it lasts you for 10 years, your really only paying $17 – $40 a day for something you will use every day. Thats less than $0.10 per day!

The only downside for me on the bag is that it is a bit small when it comes to overall storage space, but I have promised myself that in the new year I would take a more streamlined approached to the stuff I carry in my laptop bag as my old bag was overly heavy to lug around the city. On that front a smaller bag will force me into putting less in it. Its worth noting while I say smaller the bag is 16″ x 12″ so there really is plenty of space.

TravelPro Executive Choice 2 - Wheeled Brief

While I would have loved to have a single bag that meet my needs for day to day use and also when I was traveling, it just wasn’t going to happen. As a result the TravelPro Executive Choice 2 Wheeled Brief has found a spot in my life and lives in a cabinet in my office ready for my next overnight trip to where ever my duties take me.

Retailing for $520.00 the Wheeled Brief is going to take a hit on your wallet, assuming of course you actually pay retail for it. has it available for only $220.99, which makes the cost much more reasonable.


One of the things I really like about the Wheeled brief is that from a layout standpoint the front half of the bag is almost identical to the pilot brief. This makes the OCD part of me super happy since it means everything is still where it belongs regardless of which bag I am using. In addition to having all the same features of the Pilot brief it includes side pockets, space for a days worth of clothing / accessories, plus its wheeled with an an extension handle for dragging your stuff around as you try to catch your flight.

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