The Fort in Morrison CO

Dinner at The Fort in Morrison CO

Off the beaten path in Morrison CO you will find a one of a find dinning experience, at The Fort! Not only is the food here amazing but it’s also on the National Register of Historic Places! According to the Historian for the National Park Service, Linda McClelland, “This two-story Pueblo Revival building is exceptionally important at the state level of significance for its rendition of traditional adobe construction and an architectural form that not only reflects Colorado’s rich heritage but is built according to the original 19th century plans for the construction of Bent’s Fort…”

One of my Bucket List items is to visit all the different places listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and that is what brought me here but what will bring me back on my next trip to the area is the amazing food and great atmosphere found at The Fort.

While the menu is full of choices, I opted for some Rocky Mountain Oysters and the Game Plate, to get a true sampling of foods from the area. For those of you who don’t already know this Rocky Mountain Oysters are as the ranchers say “The last thing that Jumps over the Fence.” In other words they are testicles of what ever animal the chef elects to use! At The Fort the Oysters are from local Bison. Yep that’s right the appetizer for the evening was Bison testicles tossed in panko and deep-fried! I am always one for trying new things when it comes to food, so why not some Bison Balls, after all everything tastes good fried right. Well I’ll admit they certainly are not to bad, but they wont be being added to my dinner order again anytime soon.

For those not interested in eating Bison Balls, The Fort also features a range of other unique Appetizers like Bison Marrow Bones, Pickled Quail Eggs, Lamb Riblets, Bison Tongue, and Bison & Wild Boar Sausages. For those who are not feeling adventurous you can always go for the Corn Chips and Guacamole.

The main dishes at The Fort are just as unique as the Appetizers with options including Bison, Elk, Lamb, Salmon, Red Trout, Duck, and Quail. The only thing on the menu that isn’t local is the Shrimp. All the beef you get at The Fort comes direct from the Great Western Grazing Company – Dry Creek Ranch in Rocky Ford Colorado. All the meat served at The Fort is truly farm to plate, and best of all its all sourced locally in CO! At The Fort you truly are experiencing the taste of CO!

With my Bison Balls consumed it was time to move on to the main dish. The Fort’s Game plate provides a sampling of the local fare including a Bison Medallion, Bone-In Elk Chop, and a Grilled Teriyaki Quail. To finish off the dish you also get local seasonal veggies, potatoes, and Wild Montana Huckleberry Preserves! For those wanting to try something different you can substitute any of the meats out for Duck Breast, Lamb T-Bone, Bison Sirloin or Bison Rib. The Bison Steak here was the best I have ever had, and oddly enough I have eaten my fair share of Bison! The quail and Elk chop where ok but leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to flavor. Like the Bison I have had Elk and Quail in the past and better of both can be found elsewhere.

For all those out there if you find yourself in Morrison, at stop for dinner at The Fort should definitely be added to your list of things to do while you’re in town. One day I will return to the area to see a performance at Red Rocks, and will be back to try more of the unique dishes at The Fort.

The Game Plate at The Fort

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