Ching Ching Cha; Georgetown’s Best Tea Room

I am a huge fan of Ching Ching Cha, I always have been and it was one of the spots I discovered while I was living in the DC area. Every time I return to DC stopping in is on my mind, but all to often I just don’t have time. During my recent road trip to New England, a home schooling lesson on asian culture provided the perfect excuse to drop in for a visit.

Located at 1063 Wisconsin Ave NW, parking is a breeze when you visit. If you can’t find parking on the street, there is a parking garage directly across the street from Ching Ching CHA. They are also located right along the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal System which can provide for a pleasant stroll either before or after your visit.

If your looking for a spot to try some different teas, having a great meal or purchase tea products and accessories there is no better choice in the area. It’s even a great spot to take people who want to learn about tea, as the servers are more than happy to provide you with direction on the best way to enjoy specific types of tea and educate guests about what is present in each type of tea.

Seating is available in traditional zashiki seating (thats where you sit on the floor) or the more common table and chair configurations. If your looking for floor seats you may need to wait a bit or visit during off peak hours because there are only two of these types of table. I continue to wish they would remove all the table and chair configurations but as my wife reminded me during our visit not everyone likes to sit on the floor.

As adventurous as I might be every time I visit I always get the exact same thing. This is one of the many reasons I always bring others with me when I visit, I get to order my drink of choice and I can try other things by sampling theres. The 茉莉开花 (Jasmine Blossom) is my tea of choice, its an amazing tea, that is not only tasty to drink but also fun to watch as you enjoy your tea. One of the things that many people who are new to Tea Houses don’t understand is that when you purchase your tea you are not purchasing just a couple, the tea you get is actually able to create multiple cups, normally at least 3 or 4!

In addition to the amazing teas, Ching Ching CHA also has some great food. Although your selections are somewhat limited, outside of your traditional starters and tea snacks. Ching Ching CHA sells a teal meal that includes a soup, three vegetables (kale, snowpeas, green squash or cabbage), jasmine rice, and your choice of a main (chicken, Salmon, or Tofu). The meal is $14.00 and regardless of what you select for your options with the Tea Meal its an absolutely wonderful dish!

If you find yourself in Georgetown this is a location to ensure you stop and visit!

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