Survival Rules of 3

Anyone who heads into the outdoors should, at least, know the survival rules of three’s. This set of rules provides essential information about your immediate needs and the priority that items should be addressed in a survival situations.

You can survive no more than 3 Seconds without hope.
Panic and losing hope can be one of the most dangerous aspects of a survival situation. A good way to reduce the chance of panicking is to remember the acronym STOP. Stop, Think, Observe, Plan. Above all else always keep your hopes high and remember that for thousands of years humans survived in nature without the comforts of home.

You can survive no more than 3 Minutes without air or in icy water
While this may seem like an item you shouldn’t have to worry about in a survival situation that involves smoke or other items in the air its important to have a way of covering your nose and mouth.

You can survive no more than 3 Hours without shelter in a harsh environment.
If the weather is clear and warm, shelter is not as critical as is would be in sever conditions. Still, regardless of the weather, it is a good idea to build a fire and shelter. One of the instructions given to children, should they become lost, is “Hug a tree.” The reasoning behind this advise is that it’s usually easier to find someone who is lost if they stay put. Building a fire and shelter will give you a reason to stay put.If you wait until you need a shelter or fire to start building one, it may be too late. You may be too cold or tired to get a fire going or find and gather the materials needed to build a shelter. In a survival situation a fire and shelter are the most important things to keep you alive.

You can survive no more than 3 Days without water
Having a good supply of safe drinking water is important, but not critical, if you will be rescued within a day or two. The exception might be a hot desert situation. Still, you might be better off taking steps to conserve water than actively looking for water in hot conditions. There is no reason not to carry some way to purify water. This can be as simple as an empty food can to boil water or as high tech as a filter straw. Knowing how to build a solar still can give you a small amount of pure drinkable water.

You can survive no more than 3 Weeks without food
Having something good to eat is a great boost to your moral and it just makes sense to work on finding food to make your forced stay in the outdoors more pleasant. However, finding food should be one of the last items on your list of things to do. Finding or building a shelter, fire and water take priority over filling your belly.

You can survive no more than 3 months without companionship
No matter how independent you might be humans are a social creature. You are going to need someone to talk to and share your day with. This can be as simple as a Volleyball with a bloody handprint turned into a face, just like in the movie Castaway!

You can survive no more than 3 years without acceptance
If the days turn to weeks, the weeks turn to months, and the months turn to years sooner or latter you will need to accept the situation you are in has become your new life. Its time to start making long term plans.

Survival Rules of 3 Infographic

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