Steering your day with Micro-Donations

Regardless of how established it may be, we all have a daily routine. A way we start our day and end our day can have a massive effect on our mindset. Changing your outlook affects our interactions with others throughout the day. In my world that routine very set but recently I made some adjustments to mine, and one of those was the addition of Micro-Donations.

Micro-Donations are small donations, often ranging in size between $0.25 to $10.00. While the small amount may seem like it can not do much, it can. Unicef introduced to the world that we can make a difference for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. As technology has expanded we gained the ability to make microdonations quickly and to organizations throughout the world. Regardless of your finical situation, nearly everyone can afford to make daily microdonations. When the year comes to an end that $1.00 a day contribution adds up to $365. While not much can be done with $1, $365 can have a lot of impacts. With 327 million people in the united states, if even 10% of the country made a daily microdonation, as a country we would be contributing more than a billion dollars a year to non-profit organizations.

For me personally, the decision to make Micro-donations had very little to do with what can be done with $1.00 for a local non-profit but instead what it did for my outlook on the day and the results it has on how I look at the world. Including a micro-donation in your morning daily routine, is an easy way to remind yourself every morning that even with the small actions we take, we can have an effect on the world around us. It forces me every morning to think about the causes that I support and it allows me to head into the challenges of my day knowing that no matter what happens for the rest of the day I have made at least some form of a contribution to the community I call home.

For those who follow me on Facebook you will find that I share my microdonations with the world. Join me in sharing your contributions, and help encourage others to reach out and help the organizations around them that make a difference in their own community. If your world is stable enough that you have the ability to read this post, then no matter what your situation is the reality your situation is better than others, and the cost of a microdonation is not going to disrupt your lifestyle, and it may even allow you to start your day with a warm fuzzy feeling.

Making Microdonations Quickly from your iPhone

• Open the App Store and Download the Application “ChangeUp”.

• Setup an Account. You do not need to set up a reoccurring donation.

• Every morning open change up, hit the search button. Type in your cause of choice and change your results to nearby to show non-profits in your local community.

changeup micro-donationschangeup micro-donations

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