Who Is Avery?

I recall the days sitting in my office and looking at my wall of accomplishments, and thinking well ok what next. The wall of accomplishments is a common sight in most offices in the corporate world. Simply put its a wall of pieces of paper in shiny frames that tells everyone who enters your office just how accomplished you are. After years in the corporate world I discovered the true intention is to make others feel like should listen to what you have to say. These sheets of paper now sit in a folder in a filing cabinet in my home office hidden away from the world, because while they demonstrate knowledge they do not define who you are. Today only one sheet of paper remains on a frame in my office; “The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award”, it is the piece of paper that to me true represents something. It does not represent what I have learned or anything beyond my success at giving back to the community and to others.“You should be proud of all you have accomplished” people say when they learn just how many sheets of paper and certification cards are stashed away in a forgotten filling cabinet. My response to these people is simple: Be proud not of what you have accomplished already, but what you will accomplish in the future! The true measure of our success is what we have done for others and to give back to our community.

I spent over a decade working in the corporate and government worlds, enjoying all the comforts that kind of career provides. Today I run my own business Circle Technology Collective International. Success in our office is not defined by how much money we made in the year, but what we have given back to the community where our office resides. Success is not about the money in your bank account or the physical possions you acquire but instead the sum of our experiences discovering the world has to offer and making that world a better place.

All to often I find myself wishing I had discovered the true meaning of success earlier in my life, but with out the past as a guide it is impossible to understand what is truly important.

Personal Bio

Name: Avery Z Chipka
Alias: ATown Fall
Birth Date: October 5th, 1980
Birth Place: Middlebury VT, USA
Home Town: Wallingford VT, USA
Residence: Rutland, VT, USA

Spouse: Casey Alan Chipka
Children: Megan Elizabeth Chipka
Parent: Sandy Lincoln

Nationality: American
Race: Caucasian
Citizenship: United States

Political Party: Republican / Constitution Party / Paleoconservatism

Organization Memberships:
Sea Shepherds Conservation Society
Reef Environmental Education Foundation
Appalachian Mountain Club
Green Mountain Club
National Rifle Association
National Speleological Society
United States Power Squadrons
National Wildlife Federation
Oath Keepers
Rutland Young Professionals
Vermont Technology Alliance
Vermont Businesses For Social Responsibility 

Significant Personal Awards*:
BSA Sea Scouts – Quarter Master
BSA Venturing District Leader of The Year
BSA Sea Scout District Leader of The Year
BSA Unit Leader Award of Merit
BSA Advisor Award of Merit
BSA District Award of Merit
Presidential Life Time Achievement Award
NC State Honor / Achievement Award

Significant Professional Awards*:
PADI GoPro Challenge 2010
PADI Professional Excellence 2010
PADI Professional Excellence 2012
PADI 2011 100+ Certifications Issued
PADI 2010 100+ Certifications Issued
PADI 2009 100+ Certifications Issued

Professional Bio

Education: Post Graduate Degrees
Specialization: IT Security
Years Active: 20
Employer: Circle Technology Collective International

Significant Wilderness Professional Accreditations*:
Leave No Trace Master Educator
Tread Lightly! Master Tread Trainer
NC Environmental Educator

Significant Maritime Accreditations*:
USCG Master Captains License, 50 Ton Rating
USPS Instructor
USPS Educational Proficiency Award
USPS Vessel Safety Examiner
Recreational Scuba Instructor
Technical Scuba Instructor
Swift Water Rescue
Lifeguard Instructor Trainer
Divers Alert Network Trainer

Significant Emergency Professional Accreditations*:
Red Cross Instructor
Emergency Care & Safety Institute Instructor Trainer
Wilderness First Responder
Fire Fighter Level 1
Search & Rescue Level 2
Cave Rescue
CERT Instructor Trainer
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA Pistol Instructor
NRA Rifle Instructor

Significant IT Professional Accreditations*:
Apple Certified System Administrator
Apple Certified Instructor
Dell Certified System Engineer
Microsoft Certified System Engineer
Microsoft Certified System Trainer
Adobe Master Instructor
FileMaker Certified Developer
Certified Ethical Hacker
Certified Meraki Networking Associate