Personal Constitution

I, Avery Chipka in order to become a more mature individual and personality, to maintain my inner peach of mind, to uphold and fulfill my reason for existence, do ordain and establish this constitution.

I will seek to live my life to the fullest and focus on ensuring my daughter has the ability to do the same. I will teach my daughter to be self reliant and grow beyond her limitations. I will help influence the future development of people in my life and the community I live in. I will seek to first understand, for understanding is the key to finding value, and value is the basis of respect, decisions and actions. This will be my first act with my wife, my daughter and my business.


Because I am in truth a temporary vessel that will one day depart this world. I am living this life on earth devoted to enjoying the world I live in to the fullest and providing my daughter with the ability to do the same. When this life on earth has ended I will have left the society I lived in a better place for the generations that follow.

Article 1: Making A Living

I will seek to make a living for myself by using my skills and talent of, social engineering, technology integration, emergency preparedness, educating others, and digital / physical security. The suitable environment and conditions I will choose to perform my skills and talents under those conditions which provide for a peaceful and relaxing environment that stimulates my mind and creativity, while reducing my personal stress.  I will seek to receive in exchange for my skills a value equal to or greater than 200% of my personal and family overhead expenses.

Article 2: Interpersonal Interactions and Associations

In all interactions and associations always and in all ways I will seek to provide others with an experience that leaves them with a positive feeling regarding their encounter with me and feeling good about there place in the world. I will remember to not hurt others or myself with hypercritical actions. When others have a path that is not my path, I will allow them the ability to follow there path with out judgement, but continue to seek my own with out them.

I will not decrease my ambition based on others feeling it is unrealistic or impractical. I will however, relax my ambition when it is necessary to live in the moment.

I will remember the actions of others, and use those actions to guide how I will interact with them in the future.

Article 3: Character and Health Fitness

I will be myself, in all things I do, what I must do to meet my goals and preserve my family is all that shall concern me. I will be myself and live my life by my rules,  allowing my actions and results to reinforce my existence and justify myself.

I will honor and respect my body by seeking to provide for it proper nutrition, rest, and recreation. I will make the choice to consume nourishment and not unhealthy items. I will seek to keep my body strong and able through regular exercise and active recreation.

I will seek personal satisfactions and personal enjoyment through non-technology based activities that stimulate my mind and my need for new experiences. My body and emotions crave adrenaline. I shall seek out activities that provide for this need.  Fear is not a limitation but an emotion that can be defeated. Pain is a emotional embodiment of weakness leaving the body and shall not limit me.

I will honor and develop my mind through regular reading, focused study on topics I lack knowledge in and proper expression of my thoughts and ideas through the written word. I will allow myself to be open to the ideas of others but will always recognize that what is the truth for one may not be the truth for another. I will seek to keep my mind health and free of distraction through the establishment of regular routines and meditation.

Article 4: Life Limitations and Hardships

When life problems and hardships real and imagined overwhelm me I will resolve to remember that these situations are not failures or barriers but are an opportunity to learn and obtain a higher level of success in the future. The only situations that are failures are the ones which I allow to be failures instead of an opportunity to be better prepared and equipped in the future.

Regardless of what I believe I am capable of and what limitations stand in my way, I will remember that for every problem there is a solution and that solution is sometimes only reached through struggle. The barriers that stand in our way are put before us to separate those who are truly ready and worthy of success.  I will act when action is needed regardless of what I believe my personal limitations are, knowing that failure to take action is a limitation of personal character and not a reflection of personal ability.

Article 5: As a Family Member

I will appreciate all that my family has done, currently does, and will do for me in the future. My purpose is to provide my wife and daughter with more happiness, stability and wealth than I have myself.

I will appreciate my mother and all that she gave up and tolerated through my childhood that allowed me to get where I am today. I will forfeit my personal gains and assist her in anyway I can when she needs me, regardless of what it means I need to give up.

Article 6: As a Community Member

I will go out of my way to help others and the community I live in; even when doing so may momentarily delay my goals. I will make regular efforts to make a difference in the lives of those who are in need even when those efforts will not provide direct benefits to me. I will always remember what seems small to me may be huge to others. In all situations where another is in need, I will put myself in there shoes and act in a manner that is equivalent to how I would want someone to respond.

In my personal and business affairs I will seek to tith 10% of all profits earned for the purpose of bettering the community that I have made my home. Tithing will be done through the support of individuals and non-profit organizations who hold similar beliefs to that of my family. In my tithing I will put priority to contributions that support the efforts of youth, as they are the key to a successful future.

Article 7: As a Employer

As an employer, I will employ staff not based on their current knowledge and ability but based on their values and capabilities in the future. For anyone can be trained in specific skills and learn specific knowledge but the character and values of the individual can only be controlled by the individual.

I will provide a workplace environment which puts the needs and comfort of my team first, providing my employees an environment that allows them to excel in there goals not only from a business standpoint but also a personal standpoint.

I will at all times pay each member of my team a reasonable wage in keeping with ensuring they have the means to live a comfortable life outside of the workplace and are not left wanting for basic needs. I will not utilize my competition, state or federal minimum wage as a benchmark for what is fair or responsible.

I will always remember that like myself each member of my staff should operate under the mindset of “Work to Live” not “Live to Work”.

Article 8: In my Environment

In all actions of development I will ensure that my footprint on the environment is as little as possible, and where impact does occur; counter actions will be taken to contribute back to the natural environment at a two to one ratio.

Article 9: In Preparedness

I will ensure at all times I am prepared for the unexpected situations that occur in our world be them natural or man-made. I will strive to ensure my family is self sufficient in all of life’s primary needs; developing means for all of my life primary needs to be addressed with out dependency on other people, commercial businesses, or public utilities.

I will seek to educate others on the importance of preparedness and self sufficiency. As self sufficiency of all in the community is the key to the success of the community in the time of disaster.

Article 10: In Politics

As a Traditionalist / Paleoconservative I will accept that while I have a strong stance on adhering to the cultural and moral traditions that made this country great, not everyone accepts this point of view. Regardless of the directions that others try to take us I will support, to the best of my ability those who strive to return our country to one based around traditional moral values.

Article 11: In Spirit and Faith

As an individual, I will strive to have faith that all individuals regardless of their individual beliefs are good people who regardless of their current actions or behavior have the ability and interest to be the best person they can be. I have a responsibility to be knowledgable and understanding of different beliefs and not judge ones beliefs to right or wrong but only accept that is what they believe.

At all times I will adhere to my personal commandments, nor tarnish my moral values.