Personal Commandments

be Avery, and put no one before me

Be who I am, without worry or concern for what others think. Act in a manner that is authentic to my true self. Allow others to accept me for who I am, and clear those from my life who are unable to appreciate the person I am.

honor thy self

To thine own self be true.

Thou shalt live life in balance

Work to Live, do not live to work. Life can be easily consumed with the tasks of the day without taking the time to appreciate what is all around us.

Enjoy the fruits of thy labor

Money is a man-made thing, which allows us to have material things. Yet all the material things in the world do not provide us with memories and experiences. As we must live a life of balance it is essential to allow ourselves to enjoy the fruits of our labor without regret or remorse thinking that it should be enjoyed on another day.

Thou shalt live for the moment

It is easy to dwell on the past, or dream of tomorrow, but in doing so we lose focus on the now.

cherish the bounty of the harvest

The world is full of amazing things, take the time to enjoy the bounty that nature provides us within the harvest. Be it food or drink. Allow meals to be an experience to be shared and savored. Remember that there is always space at the table for a stranger for strangers are the gateway to new adventures.

Thou shalt not keep score

Life is not a competition and I shall not keep score. All people in life have good moments and bad. In keeping with living life for the moment, thou shall not keep track of the misdeeds of others or what we have done for another. Do things for another because it provides you with joy not because anything is expected in return.

Thou shalt not hold another to a higher standard

Do not ask from another, what we would not provide ourselves.

hold no one accountable for the actions of another

The only person who is responsible for the actions of an individual is the individual. Do not judge others based on who they know or the actions of there acquaintances. The sins of the fathers shall not be visited upon the sons.

Make thy name thy legacy

The greatest legacy we leave in the world is our children. The greatest success of a man is the day that he is bettered by his child. Put forth all efforts in ensuring that your child is greater than you in all ways.

Live In Keeping With My Personal Constitution

Live each moment of each day in keeping with my personal constitution.